International Martial Arts Association

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 Soke Gholamreza Gholami / Hanshi ,Ph.D MA ,Eastern Regional Director Of Martial Arts

Hanshi was born in Dec/01.1957.He started martial arts in 7 years old.

   He is Founder and president of the International Martial Arts Association
He learned following style

Tactical Combat Arts.

American Bujutsu .
Shotokan karate Do.

Kobu do.
Goshindo.Jujitsu.M.A.S.T.E.R. System.
Shito Ryu karate Do

Hanshi Ryu Karate Do/Soke,10th Dan

Goshin Karate/Soke,10th Dan

Free style Karate 10th Dan
Free Style Self-defense 10th Dan



Philosophy Of Hanshi Ryu Karate Do and Goshin Karate

 Dr Gholamreza Gholami From Iran founded two styles in the year of 2003.

Hanshi Ryu Karate Do & Goshin Karate.

1-The philosophy of Hanshi Ryu karate Do.

Hanshi Ryu in Dictionaries Means is The Method of Grand Masters.

Dr Gholami has worked , Practiced and has seen Many Styles of Martial Arts ,Since the injury that he has supported in Martial Arts He decided to make and found a Style by his 40 years Experience in Martial Arts that it has beauty ,Speed, Power,More Practical and the leading Particular is that it is Scientific and Technical and also it has not any Injury for body ,This style is Spreading in several Countries and has more that 45 katas It has also 16 katas through the Black Belt.Also has two kinds of Kumite ,Full and Semi.Shite Katas of it is from Shito Ryu,(Basai Dai and Seienchin.)

This Style will help us to understand The Real Karate , The art of thinking ,to have a nice life and to use the correct way of Kicks ,Hand and Think together . This Style Recognized by about 450 Organizations world wide.Hanshi Ryu Karate Do is also mixed of All Japanese Karate and Kobu Do Styles.

2-Goshin Karate

Goshin Karate is mixed of Judo,Jujitsu,Aikido,Karate,and Self-Defense.and has three long Katas through the Black Belt with beautiful and attractive movement.

           Proffessor GholamrezaGholami/Soke